Become a BKL Host Club

The British Keelboat leagues exciting race format is a real draw for sailors from around the country and we encourage any interested clubs to put in a bid to host one of our terrific events.

We understand that not all clubs have the benefit of a fleet of matched Keelboats and so for the second year running RS are also offering clubs the opportunity to bid for the use of a fleet of the superb RS21s making this open to many more clubs. Of course, it goes without saying that variety is the spice of life and so we really want to see bids from the many clubs who own their own keelboat fleets.

The bid process is now broken down into two parts.

One part is for the use of the fleet of RS21’s by a club for up to a three week period. The boats will be awarded to clubs, training centres or other organisations who demonstrate how they would use the boats to increase club activity and demonstrate to members and stakeholders how having a fleet of boats would be of a benefit to the organisation with a view to considering a fleet purchase or leasing in the future.

The second part is that of bidding for the events. Remember it is important to note that it is not a requirement of the BKL to run the events in the RS21’s so if you have a fleet of club-owned boats you are actively encouraged to bid for events.

To complete the bidding process we ask that you complete our online forms

Bids must be submitted by 31st August 2020 23:59hrs

Organisers bidding for the use of six RS 21 Keelboats form

You can read the guidelines for organisers bidding for the use of six RS 21 Keelboats here

Organisers bidding to host British Keelboat League events in 2021 form

You can read the Guidelines for organisers bidding to host the British Keelboat League events here

British Keelboat League Qualifier Budget – Template