The weather forecast gave the promise of some light winds and sunshine for the weekend, with 6-8 kts from the NE and with the potential for a SW sea breeze in the afternoon.

9 teams from 8 sailing and yacht clubs gathered at Rhu Marina on Saturday morning to a grey morning, rigging after a quick briefing. Leaving the marina for East Patch off Helensburgh Pier conditions were trying for the race officer when we got the 1st course laid the wind almost instantly shifted 40° to the left ending up in a short postponement from the 1030 start time.

The home club RNCYC got off to a quick start with 4 wins out of their first few races with East Lothian SC and Hunts SC in close pursuit.

With the wind swinging about 30° the multiple windward marks were used, keeping the mark layers busy.

After 5 races the sun broke through the clouds and racing continued to be tight. With the sun shining on the fleet the south-westerly sea breeze started to build competing against the forecast north-easterly. After race 9 the course was swung 180° but the sea breeze remained light.

15 races were completed on day 1 before the wind ran out and the crews and race team headed ashore for a quick debrief with coach Phil and then to the clubhouse for handmade pizzas.

Paris Thomas and team from Hunts SC were the overnight leaders ahead of Brendon Lynch from East Lothian YC and Ally Ireland from Royal Northern and Clyde YC.

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Day 2 started grey and cool with a light breeze again from the north-east. We had a 40-minute postponement afloat to allow the breeze to settle but wind remained light throughout the day.

Races 16 to 25 were completed with the wind shifting between NE and N. Racing remained close with 8 of the 9 teams recording a win on the scoreboard. Some very close finishes with 3 boats crossing the line together. One skipper had enough of being on the boat and had an impromptu swim and epic recovery while not losing any places.

Race 26 turned very light after the first lap with a 30° shift and dropping to 2 knots, with the boats finishing just within the time limit.

With one race left to complete for the full series the race committee tried to move to the NE into the light breeze but it wasn’t steady enough to race in. We headed to a darker patch near to the marina. Laying a course quickly to take advantage of 3-4 kts from the SW. The final race win went to the Royal Tay YC and the youth team from Castle Semple SC got their best result of the weekend in 3rd.

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BKL Royal Northern and Clyde
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Hunts SC claimed the victory with RNCYC and East Lothian YC tied on points, tie break broken in favour of the RNCYC team with five wins to East Lothian’s three.

Thanks to all the competitors, club members and volunteers for such a good weekend of racing.


Team Total Points Average Points
1st Hunts SC (X) 86 4.78
2nd Royal Northern & Clyde YC (N) 79 4.39
3rd East Lothian YC (I) 79 4.39
4th Royal Tay YC (T) 68 3.78
5th Cove SC (C) 66 3.67
6th London Corinthian SC (L) 62 3.44
7th Helensburgh SC (H) 55 3.06
8th Castle Semple SC (P) 49 2.72
9th Castle Semple SC (S) 22 1.22

BKL Royal Northern and Clyde YC Winners Hunts SC
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BKL Royal Northern and Clyde YC 2nd Overall
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BKL Royal Northern and Clyde YC 3rd Overall
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1st Place Hunts SC

2nd Place Royal Northern and Clyde YC

3rd Place East Lothian YC