The British Keelboat League Championships, hosted by Berthon Marina Lymington, is set up to welcome keelboat teams for a weekend of fast and furious racing in the Solent. With a lively forecast and plenty of punchy Solent tide, teams are gearing up for two big days on the water.

Events organisers have worked tirelessly to ensure the event is COVID compliant and although social distancing will be in full force, it’s still set to be a competitive weekend of tight racing in RS21s, as sailors represent their Sailing Club at this event.

The clubs represented are listed below;

Banbury SC
Clyde Cruising Club
Dorchester SC
Haversham SC
Imperial College 2
Imperial College SC
London Corinthian SC
Plymouth Univerity Alumni
Royal Hospital School
Royal Lymington SC
Royal Thames YC
Royal Western YC
Spinnaker SC
West Hoe SC

Since its inception just a few years ago, the British Keelboat League, has brought sailors from all different disciplines and professional backgrounds of the sport together. From offshore ocean fanatics, to seasoned dinghy racers, CEO’s to college and university students, the British Keelboat League is a truly inclusive opportunity for everyone who loves our sport.

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